About us

Dr. Szentmiklósi-Tóth Tamás is the founder of Legal REL Law Firm...

Legal Rel is a legal and immigration institute with the aim of providing legal, immigration, tax and international consulting services for obtaining European and Canadian residency by Dr. Szentmiklósi-Tóth Tamás, the foundation lawyer of a judiciary and a group of experienced European lawyers, started working since 1999 in Budapest-Hungary, and has official branches all over the world. Dr. Szentmiklósi-Tóth Tamás The director and founder of the legal and immigration institute (Legal Rel) is a lawyer specializing in legal matters, immigration matters and tax matters. He has received his first degree from Budapest business university, he also started to study law in Pécsi Janus Pannónius university and he has got his second degree in law also. He participated in the tax examination at the same time as the bachelor of law exam, and now he is one of the top European and government lawyers in Hungary, who represents most of the government cases in Hungary, also he is working in legal and immigration institute(Legal Rel), he is engaged in advocacy in the fields of immigration affairs, legal affairs and legal affairs related to company registration, property purchase, etc., and in addition to legal and immigration affairs, according to his degree in tax fields, financial and accounting matters, as well as in criminal and economic cases.